- FREE professional photos! We do our best to get shots of every routine

- Each studio will be presented with custom made, one of a kind awards!

- Every studio dancer will receive an individual participation award!


- Each studio will receive a Judges Choice award!

- Specialty and High Point Awards in every level!

​- Top 5 announced for High Point Soloist in each level!

- High Point Solo, Duet and Trio!

- Highest Scoring Studio Award!

team competitions

85% FULL!!!

May 11th, 2024: Stage Competition

@ Egyptian Theater- Ogden, UT

(submissions and payment due december 31st, 2023 for early pricing)

Tired of those plastic trophies collecting dust and taking up space in your studio? SO ARE WE!

​                       ​PLEASE read through the Rules and Regulations before submitting your registration forms.

March 30th, 2024: Stage Competition

@  Egyptian Theater- Ogden, UT

(submissions and payment due december 31st, 2023 for early pricing)


April 13th, 2024: Stage Competition

@ Egyptian Theater- Ogden, UT

(submissions and payment due december 31st, 2023 for early pricing)